Posted by: LYF | November 27, 2008


I was waiting in line for the streetcar today.  After about 10min of waiting, I noticed a woman bypass everyone in line and cut to the front.  It pissed me off a bit, but to me, cutting in line is one of those things that doesn’t piss you off enough to illicit a response.  Luckily, there happened to be a TTC worker standing nearby who saw the whole thing go down.  He didn’t feel the same way.  He actually yelled at her and told the streetcar driver not to leave the station if she got on.

But she didn’t listen and got on the train.  Before she could even sit down the driver went back and told her he wasn’t going to leave until she got off.  And finally she left.  It definitely sucked being that woman.  She got called out for being an ass in front of everyone on the streetcar.  And then she had to wait for the next streetcar with around 60 people who saw the whole thing happen.

That’s what you get for acting like a punk.  Thanks TTC employees!


  1. Ha ha, hilarious.

    I presume she’s used to stations like Dundas West where you use the “unruly mob” approach to streetcar boarding, versus the “neat orderly line” method other stations endorse. 😉

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  3. Thank goodness there are some people who care enough to speak out. During a TTC emergency, I was in line to board a shuttle bus. At the front of the line was a man with a baby and a stroller. He left the line to ask the driver for assistance. When the driver refused, the man found himself out of the line and unable to get on. When the next bus came I was so happy to see another man ask everyone to step aside and let the man board.

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