Posted by: LYF | January 25, 2011

Some things I’ve learned so far…

– In an interview, always act slightly more professional than the person giving the interview.  Especially if they start making jokes or goofing around.

– Clients cannot calculate GST correctly.

– By making your desk really messy you can give the impression that you’re swamped.

– Don’t piss off administrative people.

– If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, it’s better to make an assumption and try anyway, instead of asking for help.

– Very few people have a “true” open door policy.

– You can be less professional in smaller firms.

– After you pass the UFE you will rarely read the handbook.

– If you’re worried about what to wear to work, look at the best dressed partner and dial that back 10%.

– Billable hours are a lot like self-evaluations.  You can use them to make yourself look as good as you want.

– Blue collar workers are better personal tax clients than white collar workers or people with professional degrees.

– Make your own evaluations using your time and billing software.  You can use this as leverage when negotiating.

– Staying an hour later has a bigger social impact than arriving an hour early.

– Work with people you look up to because you’ll eventually pick up their maneurisms.



  1. After 7 years of running my own firm I’d ahve to agree with almost everything…

    But, actually most accountants can’t calculate GST/HST properly either – not even quick method!

    And I’d have to say “give it a try and then ask for help” is a better idea than either giving it a try and not asking for help, or asking for help before giving it a try yourself!

    • I usually leave a note – “assumed you wanted me to book a dividend this year” or “booked mgmt fee to drop taxable income to NIL.”

  2. Very true about staying the extra hour after work….

    And working through lunch has almost no impact!

    • Soo true!

      • Or you can call it a negative impact if you get hungry and cranky.

  3. Every word here is accurate. Also, having lunch with co-workers and bosses keeps you in the loop.

    • I be droppin’ knowledge bombs up in this biaaaaaatch

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