Posted by: LYF | December 4, 2010

How to tell girls you’re an accountant

I get the same two questions from most girls I talk to – How old are you and what do you do.  Translating from girl-speak this means, “I don’t want to date a guy younger than me and what’s your value as a man.”  You have no idea how quickly the words, “I’m an accountant” can kill a conversation.  Especially in crowded bars with loud music.  Here’s how I deal.

1) Act like an-anti accountant

This is the best approach by far.  People assume accountants are introverted, socially inept, meek etc.  You have to be the complete opposite of an “accountant.”  If you succeed she will say something like “Wow! I never would have guessed that.”  That means, “Wow accountants are losers, but you’re actually cool!”  This is great because the conversation will keep going.  Best of all, you can follow her up with, “what’s the supposed to mean??” in a joking fashion.

2) Turn it into a joke

If you tell her you’re an accountant and her face goes completely blank, lean over and say one of the following.  “I know, possibly the sexiest of all finance professions.”  “I also build log cabins and save baby seals.”  “And by accountant I mean fireman.”  You’re just trying to get a laugh to keep the conversation going.

3) Say the most ridiculous profession you can think of

This avoids the question altogether.  Professions I’ve made up include, Submarine part import/exporter, professional bear wrestler, hog wrangler and my personal favorite blacksmith.

The best approach is number 1, funniest and most entertaining number 3.



  1. wow i am surprised no comments on your blog lately…nice post

    • Maybe I’m the only accountant that actually talks to girls…who knows

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