Posted by: LYF | November 29, 2010

The ultimate Saturday pick-me-up

I started doing this a few weeks back.  Actually, I’m not sure.  Maybe a month, it could be more.  Before, I go on, I want to stress that everything I’m saying has to be done in a specific order.  The order is as important as the actual steps.  Mucking around with it will leave you with a sub-par experience.  Here we go.

First, get at least seven and a half hours of sleep and no more than nine.  And don’t go drinking the night before.  I’m not sure why that range of seven and a half to nine works, but based on personal experience it seems to be the sweet spot.  When you wake up make sure you have a ton of morning light.  Open all your windows and turn on all your lights.  You need to have as much light as possible.  I can’t stress this enough.  This will help you wake up much faster than usual – that is if you don’t do this already.

Follow this up with 8,000 IU’s of vitamin D.  There is a lot of debate on how much vitamin D you should be taking.  I’ve experimented with daily doses ranging from 2,000 to 8,000.  Personally, I didn’t feel anything until I crossed 5,000 IUs.  Once I got to 8,000 that was a real eye opener.  We’re talking the equivalent of a large Starbucks coffee without the post caffeine crash 5 hours later.  Make sure to have the vitamin D with breakfast.  I usually eat a 4 egg omlette with some mushrooms, red peppers and bacon.  It’s important to include a fat because Vitamin D is fat soluble.

Now go to the gym and do some high intensity interval training.  I usually do a crossfit session, which has the same effect.  You’ll want to do something like hill running, 10 sprints with a 30 second rest in between.  Or you can do a crossfit workout like Cindy (as many rounds as you can of 5 pulls, 10 push ups and 15 squats in 20min).  You want something extremely intense for a short period of time.  Don’t do anything longer than 20min.

After the workout you should be feeling pretty good.  It’ll be like you just heard a really funny joke and you’ll want to start laughing for no reason.

Here’s where you’ll take a normal adrenaline rush and turn it into an energy explosion.

Go buy a 100 gram bar of dark chocolate within the range of 70-85%.  Eat this about an hour after your workout.  And finally another 2 hours later get a small americano from Starbucks.

Here’s your day

– Wake up at 10:00am and have breakfast

– 12:00pm work out

– 1:00pm get home from the gym

– 2:00pm eat chocolate bar

– 4:00pm have americano

Quality sleep + Vitamin D + Endorphins + sugar + caffeine = AWESOMEHOLYFUCKARGGGG!



  1. Well. That sounds a little scary. Or like a walk-through for how to win a computer game.

    So… what do you do after 4pm?

    • The kick wears off around 7-8pm…then I get ready to have some drinks w friends.

      Here’s an advanced tip re drinking after an intense day like this…

      Try to get in a bunch of shots of clear alcohol early in the night. You’ll spend less money at the bar and clear alcohol has the least amount of sugar (sugar is bad for hangovers). Earlier you drink means less chance of a hangover. And have your drinks with lots of lime juice to fortify your liver. I’m a gin and tonic man, but I’ve heard tequila lime and soda works too.

      If you have hit this perfectly you’ll feel like a superhero and wake up the next day without a hangover.

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