Posted by: LYF | March 28, 2010

I need a programmer asap!

I’m trying to get a business idea off the ground.  If anyone knows of such a person please forward me their contact info.

I will take them out for lunch to discuss my idea.  I will also give them a high five.  Only one.

This is actually a serious idea.  It’s something I originally wanted for myself because it would solve a problem I’ve been having, but I realized most people have to deal with the same thing.  I figure, why not become a millionaire and help people at the same time?  Makes sense.

On another note.  Why isn’t it socially acceptable to just wear a t-shirt and jeans to the bar?  Come on.  Fuck v-neck sweaters.  Yeah I said it.  And button-downs too.  Black t-shirt and jeans.  That should be legit enough.  Why do I feel stupid when I roll up to a house party wearing a t-shirt and jeans?  I shouldn’t feel stupid.  The guy wearing the blazer with the hoodie sewn into it should feel stupid!



  1. Start-up bus book rec from someone who despises business books: Rework

    Karl Pilkington loves v-neck sweaters.

  2. what type? web programmer? software?

  3. I’ll need software first…then a web programmer second.

    Send me an email at so I can go into more detail.

  4. The guy wearing the blazer with the hood sewn into it does feel stupid, trust me.

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