Posted by: LYF | March 23, 2010

Hacking the review process

It’s really stupid when you think about it.  You’ve got entire year to strategize for a meeting, where you’ll have to justify why you’re a good worker and yet no one really prepares for it.  Here’s what you do.

  1. Get a three ring binder and some dividers
  2. After each file print off all the issues/review notes/problems etc and put them in the binder
  3. Get a copy of your yearly performance evaluation
  4. Categorize your review notes according to how you will be evaluated – i.e. prepares high quality working papers, works well with others, understands audit methodology etc. etc.
  5. Create a pie chart for each file with the info in step 4
  6. Create an excel file totaling all your review notes by the criteria in step 4.  Then use the data to create a line graph.
  7. Take said binder to your review meeting, down a few shots of jager and laugh like a pirate.

The pie charts are like balance sheets.  They show how you’re doing at a certain point in time.  The line graph is like an income statement.  It will show how much you’ve improved during the year.



  1. The big firms have online systems that let you electronically track all this throughout the year – in fact, they’ll discuss your performance in your absence so this idea wouldn’t work.

    With “to your face” reviews, on the other hand, this is an interesting idea.

  2. Yes, my firm does this too (big4). All electronic on prescribed forms. Rankings are discussed behind closed doors.

    Nonetheless, I like parts of Step 7.

  3. This is pretty intense, but I like it.

    Love #7

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