Posted by: LYF | August 15, 2009

“Look at last year’s file” – now on twitter!


Hopefully, the twitter account will allow me to make quick comments about what other accounting bloggers are saying – which I’m usually reading anyways.  It’ll (hopefully) bump their traffic and lead you readers to some more cool content.  And in between all that, I’ll throw in links to interesting stuff I’m reading as well.

Follow me, send me an @ message, tell me what you’re reading whateves.  As for when I get back, I have a few big ideas in the pipeline that I’m looking forward to putting down here.  Subjects include – volunteering for large business consultants on my own terms, learning two new languages (potentially) and the best way to breakdown CAS and IFRS.



  1. Sounds like you’re on vacation, hope it’s fun 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s awesome. I’ve been in Egypt for the past 2 and a half weeks and I head to Israel this Thursday.

  2. The land of milk and honey! Awesome. We should round up the Toronto based CA bloggers sometime this fall I think just because we can.

  3. That’s actually a really cool idea. We can grab some beers, talk shop and muse about the internets.

  4. I’d be down, although my identity would have to remain secret with all of you.

    That being said, what languages? I’ve been looking into learning Mandarin and Arabic for the longest time. Never really get around to it.

    • I want to work on my Hebrew some more. Then I was thinking of Spanish.

  5. Standard Operating Procedure 🙂

  6. Spanish is good. Then you can seduce everyone as you walk by them

  7. I started reading your commentary because your name caught my eye and I just had to check it out. I like your attitude and your insights.

    Sorry to be so uncool as to ask, but I’m curious as to the story behind your name.

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      It’s an accounting thing…

      When most people start out in accounting they have absolutely no idea what they are doing. It’s a painful process and everyone goes through it. You may understand debits and credits, but putting together a file is something completely different.

      At some point everyone asks some co worker, “what should I do.” And almost every time, without fail, whoever you ask will tell you to “look at last year’s file.” They’ll assume last year’s file was done correctly. Which means, if you look at last year’s file and pretty much copy it, then your file will turn out fine.

      Unfortunately, last year’s file isn’t always well done. Sometimes it’s blatantly awful. And even if it’s good, because you’re so new it’s extremely difficult to actually understand what it is you’re looking at.

      It’s one of the most professional painful and depressing moments, which can hit you pretty hard because it’s usually right at the start of your career.

      You learn a hell of a lot this way though. You don’t really have a choice.

  8. What can Twitter actually do for my business?

    • Good question…

      Send me an email explaining what your business does and I’ll be better able to answer that (

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