Posted by: LYF | June 21, 2009


Networking is hard.  You have to approach a bunch of people you don’t know, in a setting your unfamiliar with for the purpose of mutual exploitation.  At least that’s how it felt at most university info sessions.

I was volunteering at a conference all week.  The people who made the most contacts weren’t the ones who were actively “networking.”  They were the ones who were genuinely interested in what other people were saying.  They made people feel important because they engaged them.  And through using this approach they created a magnetism that encouraged people to want to work with them.

They made networking look easy.  Instead of feeling intimidated because they didn’t know anyone, they got excited about how much they could learn from a group of really interesting people.  It didn’t matter where they were.  And when a contact was made or an idea hashed together it felt natural.  Being a part of that felt much better than the employer info sessions during 4th year.



  1. Going as a company rep to recruiting events is a fun way to put that into action or practice it if you don’t think you’re too good at it. 🙂

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