Posted by: LYF | May 16, 2009

What I’ve been reading

The Evolution of Cooperation – Robert Axelrod

I first learned about this book when I read Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene.  Axelrod created a computer simulated competition to see if cooperation could evolve out of largely “selfish” entries.  Long story short – it can.  It’s a good book, but I’m not an evolutionary biologist so I found it hard to get into.  Some of the conclusions at the end are pretty cool.  Good food for thought.

Oh the places you’ll go/One fish two fish red fish blue fish – Dr. Zeuss

Dr. Zeuss is awesome.  I never grew up with it and I feel like there’s a gaping whole in my childhood.  The illustrations are pretty good too.  One fish two fish red fish blue fish is also entertaining.

The Peloponnesian War book 3 – Thucydides

Honestly, too much stuff is happening.  I wish this book was compulsory reading in school.  If it was, I think I would’ve gotten more out of it than I am now.  There’s so much to keep track of.  Makes your head explode after a while.  It’s proving to be a very difficult read.

The Art of War – Sun Tzu

I’m pretty sure there’s an unwritten rule that The Art of War is compulsory reading for anyone with a “business job.”  The book is good.  Sometimes it’s a little vague and understanding what Sun Tzu was trying to say is often difficult.  In terms of strategy books, I think Robert Greene’s the 48 Law of Power is a little more accessible.

Tribes – Seth Godin

I just read this book in one sitting.  I bought it this afternoon around 2:00, came home and started reading at about 3:00 and finished it 5min ago.  I felt engaged the whole way though, like someone was talking to me. If you like Seth Godin’s stuff, Tribes is worth reading.  His TED presentation is good too.

The Art of Living – Epictetus (interpreted by Sharon Lebell)

This book is an “interpretation.”  It sucks and I don’t recommend reading it.  It’s like reading the secret, but worse.

Anyone reading anything good at the moment?



  1. Dr. Seuss


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