Posted by: LYF | May 14, 2009

War of attrition

It’s common across all accounting firms.  People leave after they get their designation.

It’s just really weird.  I remember feeling the mounting waves of anxiety as each big 4 firm came to our school and hired the majority of my friends – without even extending me an interview.  I remember how awesome it felt to have that anxiety lifted when I finally got a job.  Now everything is turned on its head.  As soon as you’re a CA – I know this doesn’t apply to everyone and I actually do like auditing so I won’t be jumping ship anytime soon – you begin looking for the next best thing.  What I did find surprising, because I thought I was the only one, was that he was pretty nervous about starting his new job.

When you’re at a firm, you’ve got a team of people to rely on.  When you’re in industry it’s all you.  You’re the CA.  You’re the “tax guy.”  That seems really intimidating.  Maybe it won’t be after a few more years of experience, who knows.  My coworker does and he was still worried, which makes me nervous.

It just feels strange to juxtapose how I felt coming out of university, with how I feel now.  Having the anxiety of finding a job  replaced with the anxiety of moving forward – whatever “forward” turns out to be.

And to lighten up this “emo” post let us now watch this video and allow hilarity to ensue.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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