Posted by: LYF | February 18, 2009

What I’m Reading

The Watchmen – Alan Moore & David Gibbons

I bought this book because I wasn’t sure if the movie was going to get a distributor because of some legal problems between Fox and Warner Bros.  Luckily, everything got settled and the movie will be coming to theaters this March.  But still, I’m so glad I read The Watchmen.  Everything in it has a purpose – the colour, the layout of each page, background information on main characters, pace of the story etc.  It all just works, which made it a really enjoyable read.  And quick too, I killed it in 3 days.

Tides of War – Steven Pressfield

I was having trouble getting through The Peloponnesian Wars so I thought reading Tides of War could help me understand the whole war with less effort (his book is maybe a quarter of the size of Heroditus‘).  The book is told mainly through the perspective of one man retelling the story of an inmate who killed Alcibiades.  The book is pretty cool because Pressfield switches narrators a fair bit so you get different perspectives on the same war.  And since Alcibiades is presented as the catalyst for most of the events in the novel you manage to maintain an overall perspective without getting lost in the various narratives.  I thought this was a clever strategy.

I also got my copy of The War of Art back from Mr. Pressfield today.  He actually signed it and wrote a nice note in the front cover.  Definitely a solid guy.

The Historian – Elizabeth Kostova

This is a novel about Vlad the Impaler or “Dracula.”  I’ve been meaning to do some reading on Vlad and the Ottoman empire and this seemed like a good way to get my foot in the door.  Overall it was a decent novel.  It’s long though.  Maybe even a bit too long at 900 pages.  Elizabeth has a good writing style though (she uses simple words), so the book goes by quickly.  It lags in some parts, but that’s largely because she’s reproducing letters sent between characters in the novel that sometimes stretch 10-20 pages.  It was still a good book, I enjoyed reading it.  I’ll probably go for something non-fiction for my next Vlad or Mehmed II book though.

Last thing, if anyone decides to go Vegas soon definitely check out Love.  Best show I’ve ever seen.

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