Posted by: LYF | February 8, 2009

Crossfit Toronto

I went to a crossfit class this morning and holy-fucking-shit.  Alright, this was the “beginner” program for the day.

60 double under’s (skipping rope, but with two revolutions)

15 kettlebell swings

10 dips (on gymnastic rings)

We did that for 5 rounds, without breaks.  I did it in 22min and I could barley breath.  I’m going back next saturday 100%.

Here’s a video of what the atmosphere is like.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. These people just lost all of their joints! Careful when doing this. I don’t think the body is built to take this much shock.

  2. There’s no question, it’s definitely intense. The people in the video have a lot more experience than me so I’m not doing any of this stuff yet.

  3. @diwant – don’t knock it til you try it. we have soldiers, doctors, chiros/physical therapists, fire fighters, moms, students…

    i was a long distance runner for years…been crossfitter for nearly two…i’m finally without pain!

    it’s one on one constant coaching, form above anything else. if you’re coming from a tradtional 3 sets of 15 gym background then functional movements at high intensity looks scarey.

    try it…bet you’ll change your mind.

    • Sio so true. Best workouts ever. Are you at the Toronto one?

    • No thanks, still very scared about joints. I have a question then: if form is difficult for people at the pace of 3×15, how can it be watched when going that fast?

      OTOH I can see that the strain at that speed might be placed only on muscle than on joint which might be good.

  4. ugh…i don’t blog argue. all i ask is that you check it out before making hasty conclusion.

    you know the saying…until you walk a mile….

    @lyf…yes, i’m at TO. you?

    • yeah…do you know what the classes are like next week? I was thinking of heading back.

  5. ok i can’t resist…i’m not really sure what your question is. first, the exercises are performed at less weights than your max rep weight. on max lift days the movements are VERY slow…cuz let’s face it…the weights that some of these kids are lifting off the ground ain’t moving fast!
    second, many many sports are performed at fast speeds and coaches identify form failures (or attributes). it’s what they are trained to do.

    again…don’t hate til you read more and maybe give it a try. jus’ sayin

    • I would buy the less weight thing. That makes sense. But the youtube above shows two women doing the shoulder press really quickly with comically large weights.

      I am not dismissing this outright, and f you find it’s your thing then great. I personally would like to see a lot more in terms of long term medical impact/research before trying it out. Take this with some salt since I am paranoid about health enough to be an occasional Hypchondriac.

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