Posted by: LYF | January 13, 2009

What do other accountants do?

Does anyone ever think about this?  I do a lot.  Just to pull back the curtain a bit, here’s a brief description of what I worked on today.

  1. Finally received my Form two from the Ministry of Government Services allowing me to file my client’s corporate tax returns.
  2. Received a notice of assessment from the Ministry of Finance showing a credit in another client’s account.  So I called the Ministry and asked them to issue a check for the balance.  At the end of the day our client will be $24 richer.  Win.
  3. Began an estate return
  4. Met with a client about said estate return
  5. Reviewed a BMO Investmentline statement to determine the capital gains on a distribution in kind from the estate to its beneficiaries.  Turns out, this type of BMO account does not track the ACB of its investments.  So I’m going to have to pull a rabbit out of my hat tomorrow and find this info.

Does this resemble a typical day for anyone else?



  1. Elements of your day reminded me of the month I spent working on taxes to get my hours in that area. Especially figuring out ACB where it’s just NOT THERE. Gah!

    I’m sick and have as a result been working from home now that my cold has died down but I’m still contagious as the Black Plague.

  2. That sucks man! I hate getting sick, you end up getting so behind in your work.

    Yeah figuring out ACB is awful. It sucks because of the stupid income trusts that give investors “distributions” which could be a whole number of things. And you won’t know what the distribution is made of until the income trust issues a T3.

  3. Yeah – I’m back. Just in time because of the whole #darkTO thing. :p

    (search for #darkTO on twitter… you’ll see)

    Thank goodness:
    1. I managed to stay caught up on work from home (yay laptops).
    2. It was warm in the office.

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