Posted by: LYF | January 8, 2009

“So if I ask for an urgent processing it will take 48 hours instead of 5 weeks?!”

I’ve been trying to file a Form 2 with the ministry of government services (MGS) for the past three weeks.  Considering the awful experiences I’ve had with MGS in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have been actively trying to prevent me from filing this form.  The entire process has been one big clusterfuck.  Anyway, there is a good reason why I’m in this situation and in the next paragraph I’m going to briefly describe it.  If you don’t feel like reading anything technical skip to the part afterward, which is the reason for this post.  I just want to show people – new CAs or people not in accounting – what a typical conversation with a government worker can be like.

So here’s my problem.  When corporations incorporate Federally they aren’t able to operate their businesses in Ontario.  This is why most companies don’t incorporate federally.  But if you incorporate in Ontario you are able to carry on business in Ontario.  So when you’re trying to file an initial return for businesses incorporated federally you can’t, because they won’t have an MGS number (the thing that signifies a company’s ability to operate in Ontario).  And since they won’t have an MGS number the Ministry of Finance won’t give the corporation an Ontario Corporations Number.

Anyway, to solve this dilemma you need to submit a completed Form 2, a copy of the company’s articles of incorporation and a covering letter to a special branch of the MGS.  I did this.  I made sure I followed every single instruction.  To.  The.  Letter.  Usually this process takes 5 weeks.  This is ridiculous in and of itself, but that’s the norm so whatever.  Here is a paraphrased conversation I had with someone at The Ministry of Government Services this morning.

Me:  Hi, I’m just calling to see if my form 2 for [client] has been processed

Worker: Ummm, eh one second let me check.  No I don’t see it here.

Me: Really? Because we filled –

Worker: Oh wait.  Yes we received it, but it was rejected.  It wasn’t filled out properly.

Me: What?  How come we weren’t notified.

Worker: Well we just sent everything back to the address on the Form.

Me: You sent it back to the client?  But we Included our firms information on the covering – Ugg nevermind.  What was wrong with it.

Worker: Actually it doesn’t say here.

Me: What? You don’t know why it was rejected?

Worker: Well no.  Wait just one sec.  Ok sir, the computer just froze so I won’t be able to tell you.

Me: Are you serious right now?

Worker: Yes, but if you need to file this urgently you can request to have it processed in 48 hours.

Me: You’re telling me that if I asked for this urgent processing it will take 48 hours instead of 5 weeks?

Worker: Yes sir.

Me: And this doesn’t seem ridiculous to you?

Worker: Well it has to be a good reason for the urgent processing.

Me: Well who decides how good the reason is and may I speak with them?

Worker: Actually, that won’t be possible because our phone lines our down.

Me: !#)$@$)*@%)#%*)*%$$!@!#$$

Situations like this don’t happen often, but they happen more often than they should.



  1. That’s both sad and hilarious.

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