Posted by: LYF | December 24, 2008

Life after the UFE…audit for the rest of my life?

the high has worn off, knowing that I’ll have to ass-kiss clients for the rest of my lifeI don’t know about you, but I’m considering more designations now to move out of the Auditing game.” – michaelk re: “PASSED@!!!RARSG

I feel the same way but in a broader sense – i.e. “What do I do now?”  Everything up to this point has been easy since I had a clearly defined path to follow.  Go to university.  Specialize in accounting.  Then pass the CKE, SOA and UFE.  But I’m done that now and I have absolutely no idea what I want to do.

I’m trying to cope by establishing the relationships and credibility now that I will need in the future to get the job I want – whatever that may be.  I’ve been using the following strategy.

1 – I write this blog.  I don’t know if a job will come out of this, but I know that I like writing and this blog has allowed me to develop that skill.  More importantly, it has allowed me to connect with other people who I share similar interests with.  And having the ability to bounce ideas off them has proven to be an extremely valuable asset.

2 – I connect things.  I use my delicious account and Google reader obsessively.  Whenever I see information that someone else might like I forward it to them.  I’ve always done this because I like feeling helpful.  It’s also the easiest way to connect with people since it establishes an immediate context.  You are showing people you share similar interests with them and you’re doing it in a very altruistic way, which usually makes them extremely grateful and receptive to future correspondence.  The more I use this approach the more people reciprocate and send me things.  It’s a huge win-win.  You have to be genuine when you do this though, if people see through it they will equate your messages with spam.  Ryan Holiday did an amazing job articulating this strategy here.

3 – I’m starting to go through the specialized designations and PD courses offered by the CICA and ICAO.

I’m hoping all this work pays off.


Does anyone know people who have “cool” or nontraditional accounting jobs?  Is anyone else worried about this stuff?  If so how are you coping?



  1. Aww, I’ve been cited and I love it. CA Mag had a great article a few months back about how to specialize the CA, and I’m very much considering 3 options: CIRP, IT, or CF (new Corp Finance designation). They provide me with the most career latitude, as well as furthering my interests in numerous fields. That said, they’re somewhat expensive to pursue…

  2. mhhhhh…

  3. Audit forever? Certainly not – I read the exchange between you two on the other post. Even additional designations aren’t necessary.

    As told to me by a friend, get your name out on a place like Monster – along with “qualified CA” and “X years audit experience”, flip the switch to “looking for a job”, and watch the recruiters start calling.

    These days perhaps not as much as during the boom times, but there’s still many more places than you would think that need smart young people with heads for numbers and such.

  4. Oh, and the second comment from the outsourcing company amuses me greatly for some reason. I doubt you feel like transferring to Sri Lanka, for some other reason though.

  5. Krupo, I suppose that’s true, but more designations couldn’t hurt either. With so many supposed financial professionals out there, the ones that stand out are those that possess more education, training, and more experience. That’s my rationale, anyway.

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