Posted by: LYF | December 21, 2008

CKE Writers

There are two things I wish I had known a year ago when I was studying for the CKE.  One, Mick Norgrove’s practice exams are near impossible and will shatter your confidence – Martha Dunlop’s are a little more comparable to the real thing.  Two, getting 50% on a 100 questions practice exam is a passing mark – yes it is highly likely you will pass if you only get half the questions right.

Obviously it doesn’t feel good getting 18% on a Norgrove exam – which happened to me – or scoring 50% on a practice exam 3 days before the CKE.  But it happens to most people, so try not to sweat it.



  1. Gotta love killer practice exams. 🙂

  2. hey
    im getting a 45-55 on dunlops exams and around 70 on densmore, you think im in decent shape?

  3. Based on my personal experience I’d say you’re in decent shape. I passed and ended up in the 5th decile with similar marks on Dunlop’s and Densmore’s practice exams.

  4. Random question: what is the actual difficulty level like of the actual exam? I hear norgroves are not representative – is it the same as dunlop or easier than that?

  5. Actual difficulty level is not something that’s easily quantifiable. Let me just say that you’ll probably feel awful after you write. Don’t worry though, because almost everyone will feel the same. And since passing depends on your decile ranking, the more people who feel they’ve failed the better your chances are of passing.

    I found Norgrove’s wicked hard and they made me feel like an idiot – often. However, since I did so poorly on them I ended up debriefing a lot of questions, which may have contributed to me passing. Now, I’m not saying you’re going to fail if you didn’t do a lot of Norgrove’s exams. It’s just that in hindsight, the extra debriefing they forced me to do definitely didn’t hurt my chances of passing.

    Keeping all the above in mind, I found the CKE most similar to Dunlop’s practice exams. Obviously it won’t be the exact same difficulty level, but I would make an educated guess that it will probably be around there.

    Good luck!

  6. May anybody advise where I can purchase Dunlop’s study material, practice exam? Many thanks in advance!

  7. What an obvious plant to get us to go to the site….

    • oh sooo obvious “mr x”

  8. I just finished my cke yesterday and I could not finish all questions. I think time management is a crucial issue. the main time got sucked in the 30 audit questions.

    • I felt the same as you did. Most of my time was spent on assurance and PMR, I got through finance and finished most of tax, but not all of MDM. I’ve heard that assurance and PMR are the most critical. But we will wait and see when results come out.

      Good luck and I hope everything goes well for all of us.

  9. RAJEEV,

    what did you think of the cke?

  10. where can i buy dunlop’s practice questions

    • No clue.

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