Posted by: LYF | November 10, 2008

…well you just wrote the ufe

Ever since I wrote the UFE I’ve been hearing that phrase a lot; often in the context of receiving more responsibility.  And it’s good.  At the same time it can be really stressful since people assume you’re automatically a tome of accounting knowledge after you write.

For instance last week I wrapped up the first audit I’ve ever done solo.  Unfortunately, there’s a vast difference between writing a planning memo for a UFE simulation and actually performing an audit on your own.  I’m sure this isn’t real news to anyone, but that fact hit me square in the jaw last week as I was trying to make my deadline.  Luckily everything was fine and I managed to get the file done on time.  I also learned a lot in the process, which I’m sure will help me in the future.

The whole experience really taught me that there is much I still need to learn.



  1. Oh hell yeah. Forget about just writing the exam – after getting your qualification you’ll have more to learn. The learning never really stops, which of course, is a boon if you’re intellectually curious and work in a firm that has lots of challenging opportunities for you to look forward to.

    If you think that phrase is something, wait until next month after you’ve found out that you passed. *THEN* the unreasonable (but playful) expectations/teasing will really begin to mount. 😉

  2. Haha, something to look forward to I guess eh.

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