Posted by: LYF | October 21, 2008


I greatly underestimated how hard this race was going to be.  I thought I could do it in 1:30, but I ended up with a time of 1:48 placing me 872/1604.  Even though I could run 19.5km a month before the event, I failed to understand the impact of all the different obstacles on my muscles.  Doing a 18km run isn’t that bad if you’ve had the time to train and build up to that level.  You just have to mentally tell yourself to keep going.  But when you throw in things like marine hurdles and stair climbs things start to get interesting.

Your rhythm gets broken up and you have to mentally shift gears. Then pain in your muscles alternate between a cardio pain and a weight lifting pain – running for half an hour vs doing a set of squats – after each obstacle.

Although it was tough I highly recommend trying this race.  The event was extremely well run – i.e. race started on time, there was plenty of food and water for athletes after they finished, it was very easy picking up racing gear etc.  It’s also unlike a lot of races that are currently available.

If anyone is thinking of doing this here are some resources you might find helpful – Urbanathlon Website, contact info.

These videos will give you an idea of what the obstacles are like.


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