Posted by: LYF | October 15, 2008

No-name flour recall

I think it’s a universal truth that all grandmothers cook at least one thing really well. If your grandmother is from “the old country” then you’ve really lucked out. With this in mind, I headed to my grandmother’s place to learn how to make her biscoties – probably the best cookie in existence. The cookies take about 3 hours to make, but it’s well worth the effort. Then I get this email from my grandmother.

“The news just said not to use no name flour. I used it for the mandel broit (jewish for biscotie). It has too many nutrients, like too much iron, folic acid, thiamine, etc. The numbers on the flour are not the same as the ones they tell you not to use. But I still do not want you to eat them, so throw them out, check no name flour on internet. phone me I tried to get you on your cell phone, but could not, so please phone me.”

I have two large ziploc freezer bags of this stuff and now I have to throw it out?! What the fuck. I’ve never been more pissed off at no-name flour.


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