Posted by: LYF | October 5, 2008

UFE – Day 3

By day three the UFE felt routine.  I was starting to hit a groove and that felt nice.  It probably wasn’t so much a groove as it was the excitement of almost being done.

I had similar problems on day 3 as days 1 and 2.  However, I hadn’t had a question where I was completely confused.  And that worried me a bit.  I was expecting a question like that.  Densmore told us during his course that we would have one.  Not to disappoint, the UFE served up such a question in simulation 3. 

I had no idea where to start.  There was no way to do everything the question asked.  And there were so many problems that I had trouble differentiating between primary and secondary issues.  The accounting issues were hard too.  A foreign subsidiary?  Are you serious?  Luckily I remebered the phrase “temporal method” so I was able to look up the proper accounting treatment in folio views.  Still, the question did not go well.

But I had finished the UFE.  Now I play the waiting game to see if I actually passed.



  1. Thanks for your thoughts on the UFE, I am writing it next year. I’m from BC and so we do CASB modules, which are supposed to be pretty good prep as opposed to what I’ve heard about the CA program back east! Good luck and congrats!

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