Posted by: LYF | August 19, 2008

UFE Studying

The hardest part of UFE studying isn’t forcing yourself to study. It isn’t the stress. It’s writing a case, getting your ass handed to you and thinking about it for the rest of the day. It’s getting completely dominated and forcing yourself to have the perspective that this is just part of the process.

There is only one thing I’ve experienced that comes cloes to that. Boxing. I can say from experience that getting punched in the face sucks. Getting punched in the face by someone who is 4 inches shorter and weighs 50 pounds less than you in front of many people sucks more. You know what doesn’t suck? Training for a month, getting better and punching that guy in the face after he falls for a fake jab.



  1. That’s a novel analogy.

    Hope you’ve pulled a study buddy or more so you can communally commiserate (and debrief) over the savage beating.

  2. my toughest part is forcing myself to write cases…I’m on a 4 week study plan, but I’m thinking of reducing it to 3. My study partner is sick so I feel like I’m out of commission until she gets better

  3. definetely! i’m writing Mod 6 CASB on the west coast right now and it sucks reading the evaluation guide and knowing how shitty you did

  4. awesome post, i recently just passed the ufe but decide not to work in acctg anymore.. lol.. what a waste of efforts.

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